Bergamot Essential Oil


Latin Name : Citrus Bergamia. Part Of Plant Used : Fruit Peel Source : Ivory Coast. Extraction Method : Cold Expression. Latin name: Citrus bergamia. Family name: Rutaceae. The bergamot fruit is not edible because the pulp is far too sour. As a result, the bergamot tree is primarily cultivated for its valuable essential oil. Bergamot oil is cold pressed from the fruit peel. It has a sweet & fruity scent. Bergamot oil is documented in old herbal texts. Some traditional uses: balancing nervous system, relieving anxiety and stress, lifting melancholy, for restful sleep, antiviral, cold sores, psoriasis, eczema and insect repellent. Emotional profile: to relieve helplessness, hopelessness, emptiness and grief. Blends with: lavender, neroli, jasmine, coriander, juniper, chamomile, lemon, geranium, and cypress. Along with other citrus oils it is phototoxic, and bergamot is especially so. Avoid exposure to the sun if used on the skin.

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